Portvs joins manual and technological knowledge of Portuguese jewelry to respond to the most current brands. Market trends are followed by regularly presenting high quality silver jewelry at competitive prices.

Pieces for different fashion brands are developed meeting the needs of contemporary women. Our design is comfortable, modern and functional, resulting in a look which is both simple and minimalist.

Portvs is located at the heart of goldsmithing in Portugal, the city of Porto, and is currently the best ally for any emerging fashion brand. Our extensive experience in trends with simple and delicate design, allows us to offer quick response to our customers' requests.

We believe in an increasingly responsible production, capable of creating durable and sustainable parts. Growing social responsibility is reflected in each piece of our jewelry, where 95% of the silver used, is of recycled origin.

Being in the market for more than 60 years, our experience in the manufacturing of silver products allows us to combine high quality materials with current design, adjusting to each customers' identity.

By monitoring the major market trends, we offer constant revival of our pieces. Our customer satisfaction is important to us, from design to prototyping, right up to the price point at the store. We want women to be beautiful and confident, having easier access to trendy, delicate and high quality jewelry.


It was in the 50's, in Porto, that José Martins Barbosa started the manufacture of innovating machinery and tools in the jewelry industry. After launching his own creation of jewelry, José went to Germany in search of inspiration. Restless and revolutionary, he eventually developed new production techniques, becoming the first national manufacturer to do gold-plating in series.

In 1980, three of his seven children took over management of the company. Inheriting his father's know-how and entrepreneurial vision, Tiago Martins Barbosa decided to start his own company in 1998, TMB. Constant changes in the market led him to focus on the production of silver pieces for fashion brands and national wholesalers, a legacy that strengthens the identity of Portvs today.

Currently, this family´s history continues to evolve through the hands of the third generation with the contemporary vision of João and Tiago Barbosa. By monitoring world trends and harmonizing modernization of the sector with traditional knowledge, the two brothers respond to the needs of an increasingly versatile, demanding and complex market.

This Portuguese industry was the first to work 24 hours a day and is presently a reference in the goldsmithing sector in Portugal. In addition to international experience in retail and industry, this duo has a broad portfolio of clients, ensuring a successful business partnership.


Manual manufacturing and most current technology is the core of the manufacture of our jewelry.

The quality of the “finishing process” is essential and fundamental in our service.

We monitor the latest trends in order to create new, modern and comfortable pieces.

We offer quick reply to different types of customers with multiple demands.

We privilege the relationship with each client and believe that it is the key factor for the success of each project.